The opinion given by Ms Reding on the 14th of September has received a  hard reply of the French Government and has been ignored by almost all the European politicians. However, Ms Reding, vice-president of the European Commission, in charge of Justice, fundamental rights and citizenship is right and she needs and deserves the firm support of all those that  fight for Europe as a place for freedom!

The European Union is build over the constitutional tradition of its members, over the wording of the Treaties, over the case-law of the Court of Justice and over the human rights culture of the Council of Europe. These are our shared assets and cannot be waived.

Considering the above, the citizens of the European Union only deserve and must only be treated as citizens of the Union.  The concept ‘citizenship’ cannot, under any circumstance, be modified by any adjective that divides the Union in different communities that are identified by their race, nationality, origin, sex, sexual option, language, identity, convictions or religion! Any classification of the citizens of the European Union under these collective labels is against law and Justice!

The behavior of the French government regarding the citizens of the Union that are being deported because they are gypsies is anti-European and xenophobic. It is important that measures are adopted as soon as possible in order to impede this segregation politics and meanwhile, we must support vice-president Reding. In this situation, not doing anything or remaining silent implies certain complicity and therefore our silence makes each of us immediately guilty too!

We must show our support in face book! We must show our support everywhere!