LI Treasurer at 100 anniversary of Francisco Ferrer execution

On 13 October LI, through its Treasurer Josep Soler was present at the flower tribute and last event marking the 100th anniversary of the execution of Francesc Ferrer y Guardia, in Barcelona. Ferrer, a revolutionary educator, the author of “The Origins and Ideals of the Modern School” and the founder of the progressive Escuela Moderna(The Modern School) after several years in exile, has become a myth and symbol for liberals, libertarians and free thinkers. The Ferrer case has long been a symbol of rational education and the misuse of political powers. After an arrest and release in 1906 on suspicion of involvement with violent acts and following the declaration of martial law in 1909 during the Tragic Week, Ferrer was arrested and executed without trial due to his freethinking ideology. His execution started a large international campaign in Foreign Ministries, universities and lawyers’ associations against the Spanish government which ended up in its resignation. Mr. Soler commented: ‘The participation and presence of Liberal International at the event reaffirmed our radical commitment with all expressions of freedom, human rights and limitations of governments, much above the conservatives’ and the socialists’ ones’.