Many religious traditions ask us to meet face to face with death at the time of year when darkness is longer than daylight. One universal ritual encourages us to consider our ancestors — what they have taught us, how they have sacrificed for us, why they chose to love us, and how they might respond to our current circumstances, were they alive today. It begs the question, Can our ancestors be present with us today and even advise us on life’s journey from death’s realm? This Sunday we’ll explore what happens when death comes home.

Please bring to church with you a picture or other object of memory to honor your loved one(s) — human or animal companion — who has died in the past year or whose death still impacts your life in tangible ways.

During worship you’ll be invited to share the name of your loved one and place your picture or object on an Altar of Honor at the front of the sanctuary. I also encourage you wear your Halloween costume, whether to ward off evil spirits or to make peace with them.

De la convocatòria del servei dominical proper a la First Unitarian Universalist Church de San Francisco pel  Rev. Gregory Stewart.