Humanist thought is based on two philosophical pillars.  The first is naturalism which holds that rationalism, empiricism, and the scientific methods are important approaches for advancing knowledge.  The second is the importance of living a happy, meaningful, moral, and fulfilled life.

The Unitarian minister Rev. John Dietrich,  one of the founders of 20th century religious humanism,  contributed to the first humanist philosophical pillar by interpreting religion in entirely natural terms.

The Rev. Kenneth Patton, also a Unitarian minister, contributed greatly to the second strand of humanism by composing poetry that expressed humanist ideals.

Sunday, at the First Unitarian Universalist Society of San Francisco, at the monthly Humanist and Non Theist potluck and discussion, participants will read some of Patton’s poems and will focus on the second philosophical strand of humanism by sharing poetry, music, and other art — or just everyday objects or photographs that bring meaning and joy into their lives.  Bring something meaningful to you and join in the potluck at 6.  At 6:30 the group will begin sharing what brings meaning and happiness into each person’s lives.