Several points of high concerns for the Wake up Europe Committee:


– The building of a razor-wire wall at its border with Serbia, the criminalization of migrants (arrest and prosecution of those trying to pass the wall), the authorization to shoot at them even if ‘not necessary’ (according to Mr Orban’s word) . All these measures are at odds with the necessary protection of the right to life but also with the right to seek  asylum recognised at the international level(among others : UDHR and 1951 Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees and its Protocol)


–       The launch of a debate to reintroduce death penalty. Mr Orban proposed it at 2 occasions, despite EU leaders’s strong condemnation : see here European Parliament resolution on the situation in Hungary As mentioned by the MEPs, the reintroduction of death penalty would constitute a breach of EU values as referred in Article 2 TEU and first of all, a clear violation of the right to life. But the proposal only is already a clear risk of this violation (the risk is also covered by Article 7 we ask the Commission to trigger).


– The launch of a public consultation on immigration which asks biased questions and associates migrants to terrorists. This also constitute a threat of violation and is contrary to EU spirit of non-discrimination on the ground of ethnicity and religion.


–       The new fundamental law that came into power in January 2012 clearly violates the rule of law. This law which replaces the Constitution came into power despite strong criticism from the European Commission, the European Parliament, the Council of Europe (but never denounced by the Council of ministers !). This constitutional reform clearly undermines the independence of justice, freedom of media, womens’ rights – including their right to sexual and reproductive health (by protecting the human embryo) and also introduced constitutional discrimination against LGBT people by stating that marriage is only between a man and a woman.  It also introduced the criminalization of homeless people. The Hungarian Constitutional Court criticized this law  and Orban ignored all criticisms and introduced an amendment to the new Constitution in March 2013 stating that the legislative and executive power now surpass the judiciary powe.  On these particular reforms and their impact, please see the excellent report made by Human Rights Watch in 2013 :

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