Dear friend,

Just after midnight on December 22, 2014, I got a phone call that no parent should ever get. It was my niece, who I raised as a daughter, telling me that she and my granddaughter had both been shot. A man had broken into her house and chased the two of them into the driveway, before shooting both of them and then himself.

Someone from the sheriff’s department told me later that the killer used a gun that he bought legally, with no background check, from a seller on Facebook. He was a convicted felon.

Thankfully, last week Facebook moved to ban the selling of guns on its site. Headlines like that give me hope, but hundreds of thousands of guns are still available for sale online, no questions asked and no background check required.

OFA volunteers have been working hard to hold our elected leaders accountable and demand that they take action to curb gun violence in America.

Stand with me by adding your name — say you’ll keep up the fight against gun violence.

When too many of our representatives in Washington are busy hiding from special interest groups, it depends on each one of us raising our individual voices to make change.

Together, we’ve pushed Congress to pass the universal background checks that a vast majority of Americans support. And in the face of Congressional inaction, we’re working alongside our friends and neighbors to pass common-sense initiatives at the state and local levels. That’s what progress looks like, and it’s how we’re going to keep moving forward.

Joan-Francesc, I have been an OFA volunteer since the beginning. I will do anything I can to protect other families from what I experienced, and I know you feel the same way.

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With hope and love,

Martha Clark
OFA Ohio State Lead